Carnegie Mellon University to host 3D Microstructure Workshop

Carnegie Mellon University will host a workshop on 3D Microstructures July 8-10, 2015, in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Bluequartz Software, the Center for Multiscale Modeling for Engineering Materials (CM2EM), the Materials Science & Engineering Dept. and the Physics Dept. The workshop is intended to provide researchers at all levels with tools and methods for reconstructing, analyzing and synthesizing 3D microstructures. A particular focus of the methods is on the use of crystallographic orientation (texture), whether for reconstructing a 3D image from EBSD serial sections, or for generating representative microstructures with orientations assigned for each grain. Many of the methods were developed by the faculty in the CMU in parallel with work at Ohio State and AFRL. Much of the development at CMU was supported by the MIMP (Mesoscale Interface Mapping Project), whose mission was to understand the mechanistic origins of the grain boundary character distribution, a five-dimensional materials specific quantity, and its influence on the macroscopic properties and performance of polycrystalline materials. The focus of the workshop will be on teaching participants how to use DREAM.3D, which is a freely available software package that performs a wide range of functions for reconstructions of 3D microstructures, statistical analysis and generation of representative volume elements. The standard input is a stack of orientation maps such as EBSD maps from serial sectioning or synchrotron data sets. The package is tightly integrated with Paraview, which is a freely available visualization software that, like Dream.3D, runs on all standard computers.