DREAM.3D Version 6

It has been a long time and the DREAM3D development team has grown to 4 full time programmers and a few volunteers. The development team has been working hard in order to release a new version of DREAM3D that has more of the requested features and more scalable and modular at the same time. To this end we are expecting to release what will come to be know as "DREAM3D Version 6.0" at the end of June 2015. We are currently in an open beta stage where you can download nightly builds of DREAM3D and give it a try. We encourage you to give any feedback regarding features that are missing or broken in these nightly builds. We read every email and bug report and try to prioritize the major issues so that the bugs will get fixed. The official DREAM3D bug tracker is at http://github.com/dream3d/dream3d/issues if you want to see what we are currently working on.​

The nightly builds can be downloaded from http://dream3d.bluequartz.net/binaries/experimental. Just look for the nearest date.

  • The OS X Builds support OS X 10.8.5 and above.
  • The Windows builds support 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1
  • The Linux package is a stand alone package that is built on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. It should work on any Debian system. It may work on other systems. Send a not if it does not.

Major Changes coming with version 6.0

Each pipeline is a document where each document is now saved where ever the user wants on the file system

Greatly increased number of filters.

Fully updated documentation for filters

Full code review of all filters

New crystallographic orientation functions to consistently convert ​between orientation representations

Highly modular system using compiled plugins for each each of filters.

New data importers and exporters

Rewrote low level codes on how data is stored and represented.​

Migration from Version 4 or 5.1

Version 4 and 5.1 .dream3d files are not compatible with this version of DREAM3D. Please be ready to go back to the original data if you want to bring a data set forward.

The same is true for saved pipelines. Lots of changes to the filters over time have broken most version 4 and 5 pipelines. The pipeline can be read into DREAM3D but DREAM3D will inform you if it can not find specific filters.​