DREAM.3D 6.4 New Features

​With this release there are now video tutorials posted to the BlueQuartz YouTube channel

With the release of DREAM.3D 6.4.56 there are a number of major user interface changes that have been implemented to help the user keep track of their data, make informed choices for inputs and outputs and allow the user to more easily discover funcionality. As seen below is a comparison of DREAM.3D versions 6.3.29 and 6.4.56 and a number of differences can be seen. Filters in the pipeline are now colored based on the major group they belong to. The "remove filter" button has been moved to the right side of the filter widget. The button to start the pipeline running has been reworded to "Start Pipeline" and the button itself becomes the progress bar when the pipeline is running. With the filter input area selecting DataArrays has been reengineered to be more efficient. There is a single drop-down menu that has a heirarchical menu system that allows the user to quickly select the data array that they want to use. This also applies to many of the other "Selection" type of input and output widgets. Finally the "Current Structure" tab has been replaced with a docking window that shows the data heirarchy as a tree view widget. While the current interaction with the widget is very limited there are great plans for this widget and in an effort to get feedback we wanted to get the communities feedback. If the user hovers the mouse over the various items in the "Data Browser" window a tooltip will pop up that shows details for that particular object like the number of tuples, memory size and type of data, container or geometry.

DREAM.3D 6.3.29 UI

​We have also added the ability for input and output widgets that take either a file or directory path to show those files in the operating systems GUI (Finder, Windows Explorer, Linux UI Shell). This makes it much easier to find those input and output files from your pipelines.

In cooperation with Kitware we have been able to integrate and expose 105 image processing filters from the ITK project. These filters have the "ITK::" prefix in their filter name making it easy to search for the list in the "Filter List" section of the Toolbox window.