Small IN100 Example Data

This data set was obtained using the WPAFB FIB by Mike Uchic and is generally known as "THE" IN100 data set. It was acquired on June 25th, 2004 (and following days) and consists of 170 slices. The lowest slice number corresponds to the slice that was acquired last.

This dataset consists of a series of sections through an IN100 sample, provided by Jack Schirra, of Pratt and Whitney in support of the DARPA AIM program. It was sectioned with a slice-and-view method with the Focused Ion Beam by Mike Uchic of AFRL. Area of each image is approximately 30 x 30 microns, and spacing between consecutive images is 250 nm.

The complete data set consists of 4 series of SEM Images, each at a different tilt, 1 series of EBSD data, and 1 series of IISE (Ion Induced Secondary Electron Image). 


Small IN100 SEM Image

Small IN100 EBSD IPF Coloring (Cleaned)

The TSL formatted (.ang) EBSD data files are freely available using the download link below.