DREAM.3D 6.2.327 Released

The DREAM.3D development team would like to announce the release of DREAM.3D version 6.2.327. The download can be found at the normal download link on the DREAM.3D website:

  • DREAM.3D has new logo and splash screen!
  • Added Filter Import ASCII Data, which implements a generic text reader to import data into DREAM.3D. The Filter utilizes a wizard to guide the user through importing their column-oriented ASCII data.
  • Added Filter Combine Attribute Arrays, which allows the user to stack any number of Attribute Arrays to form a new combined array.
  • Added Filter Find GBCD (Metric-Based Approach) (contribution from K. Glowinski).
  • Added Filter Combine Attribute Matrices (contribution from M. Groeber).
  • The Import Images (3D Stack) Filter should now correctly recognize the number of pixel bytes in the incoming images.
  • Pipeline files written on Windows should no longer use escaped forward slashes in paths. This allows for better sharing of Pipelines across operating systems.
  • Fixed incorrect documentation on file formats for the Pack Primary Phases and Insert Precipitate Phases Filters.
  • Reverted change to packing routine in Insert Precipitate Phases Filter that made particles unable to overlap, which prevented reaching large volume fractions of precipitates. The Filter now functions the same as in version 4 of DREAM.3D.
  • Significantly sped up Change Resolution Filter.
  • Significantly sped up filters that perform segmentations (contribution from M. Groeber).
  • Updated internationalization settings on input widgets that allow the use of decimal numbers. These widgets should now correctly key off the local standards for use of commas and periods in decimal notation.
  • Refactored and parallelized the derivative calculations of all IGeometry classes.
  • Several prebuilt Pipelines have been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Developer Notes

  • The DREAM.3D SDK has been update to support C++11. Developers are now free to use C++11 compliant code.
  • Shared pointers now use C++11 shared pointers instead of boost shared pointers.
  • Plugins that link against the ITK library now link against the SimpleITKExplicit library instead. This fixes potential address space issues when using multiple dynamically loaded libraries that may link agains ITK.
  • Filters should now implement their own versions for compiled library names, branding strings, and version numbers, instead of using the defaults from AbstractFilter.

Known Issues

  • When navigating the help window, the back and forward buttons may not function.