DREAM.3D 6.2.63 Released

On behalf of the entire DREAM.3D development team I would like to announce the immediate availability of version 6.2.63. The download can be found at the normal download spot on the dream3d website:


The issues fixed for this release are:

  • Version 6.2.63 will be the last version to support OS X 10.8. The minimum version of OS X for all future DREAM.3D updates will be 10.9.
  • Fixed incorrect symbolic link creation for OS X builds that prevented documentation windows from properly appearing.
  • Fixed incorrect Filter input requirement in the "Write INL File" Filter (issue #471).
  • Fixed "Read H5EBSD File" not properly loading zMax value from a Pipeline file (issue #474).
  • Fixed potential array out of bounds error in "Align Sections (Mutual Information)" Filter (issue #472).
  • Fixed incorrect bounds check in "Fuse Regular Grids (Nearest Point)" Filter.
  • Added internationalization to a few DREAM.3D widgets.
  • Fixed issue when calculating the fundamental zone Rodrigues vector for hexagonal systems.
  • Fixed missing axis normalization in GBCD export Filters (issue #477).
  • Added ability in the "Quick Surface Mesh" Filter to carry forward any voxel information onto the generated surface mesh.
  • Added "Orientation Utility" Filter that will compute all 7 supported representations for a supplied orientation.
  • Fixed potential out of bounds crash in "Match Crystallographyā€¯ Filter