November 2015 archive

New Orientation Conversion Utility Added to DREAM.3D

Among the new features of DREAM.3D Version 6.2.63 is a new utility that allows the user to quickly perform a conversion of a single orientation representation into 6 alternate representations. The supported representations are:Axis-AngleCubochoricEuler Angles (Bunge Convention)HomochoricOrientation Matrix (3×3)QuaternionRodriguesTo use the utility, simply drag the filter “Orientation Utility” into the pipeline area and start entering …

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DREAM.3D 6.2.63 Released

On behalf of the entire DREAM.3D development team I would like to announce the immediate availability of version 6.2.63. The download can be found at the normal download spot on the dream3d website: issues fixed for this release are:Version 6.2.63 will be the last version to support OS X 10.8. The minimum version of OS …

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