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DREAM.3D 6.4 New Features

​With this release there are now video tutorials posted to the BlueQuartz YouTube channel.  With the release of DREAM.3D 6.4.56 there are a number of major user interface changes that have been implemented to help the user keep track of their data, make informed choices for inputs and outputs and allow the user to more easily discover …

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DREAM.3D Help Available Online

If you would like to view the official documentation for the current version of DREAM.3D we have posted it here. This will allow all the search engines to index the documentation files allowing them to be easily searchable from your favorite search engine.

DREAM.3D Presenting at 3DMS 2016

The developers of DREAM.3D will have several presentations at the 2016 3DMS conference being held outside of Chicago Ill. USA. If you plan on being in attendance and want to meet the developers please drop us note at “”. In addition a two day workshop on DREAM.3D uses will be held on July 14 & 15 …

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DREAM3D Git Repository Organization

The DREAM.3D project is organized into four separate repositories. These repositories are hosted at The repositories are the following:CMPSIMPLSIMPLViewDREAM3DAs we discuss the various repositories, we are going to start from the very bottom and work our way up to the top.CMP ( repository holds commonly used CMake codes that are shared among the various …

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TMS 2016 Annual Conference (Feb. 14~18, 2016)

The DREAM.3D primary developers will be in attendance at the TMS 2016 conference in Nashville Tn from Feb 14 through Feb 18 2016. If you would like to meet with the developers to let us know what you are doing just send us an email at to set up a time to meet.

DREAM.3D 6.2.63 Released

On behalf of the entire DREAM.3D development team I would like to announce the immediate availability of version 6.2.63. The download can be found at the normal download spot on the dream3d website: issues fixed for this release are:Version 6.2.63 will be the last version to support OS X 10.8. The minimum version of OS …

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DREAM.3D 6.2.0 Released

On behalf of the DREAM.3D Development team we are pleased to release version 6.2.0. The complete list of fixes is below.The downloads are located on the usual download page.User NotesCompleted migration of all internal rotation transformations to those documented in the paper “Tutorial: Consistent Representations of and Conversions Between 3D Rotations”, D. Rowenhorst, A.D. Rollett, …

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ANN: DREAM.3D Course – Oct 13-16 in Metz, France

BlueQuartz Software in collaboration with LEM3 with be holding a DREAM.3D training course from October 13 – 16 2015 in Metz, France. This 4 day course will cover using DREAM.3D and developing custom plugins for DREAM.3D. Note that the course will be taught in English.Registration is now open. Please visit the following web site:​The tentative …

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Importing 3D Stack of Images into DREAM.3D

In the videos below we show how to import a stack of tif images that represent a 3D volume of material. While the video shows the use of TIFF images, we can use just about any type of image format (PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG). Because DREAM.3D leverages the ITK toolkit, the image types can be …

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New Features Tour (Version 6)

This is a short video showing some of the new searching capabilities of DREAM.3D. The new searching capabilities allows the user to quickly target filters by their name. Instead of drilling down through a tree the user can simply type the name of the filter into a search box and the list of filters will …

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