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DREAM.3D Version 6.5.150 is Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that DREAM.3D 6.5.150 is now available for download. Please download the latest release from our download page: Full Release notes and history of release notes can be found at¶Version 6.5.150 Fixed Issues+ Fix issue where bulked loaded MDF data was not loaded correctly+ Fix issue where MDF user entered entries …

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DREAM.3D Help Available Online

If you would like to view the official documentation for the current version of DREAM.3D we have posted it here. This will allow all the search engines to index the documentation files allowing them to be easily searchable from your favorite search engine.

DREAM3D Git Repository Organization

The DREAM.3D project is organized into four separate repositories. These repositories are hosted at The repositories are the following:CMPSIMPLSIMPLViewDREAM3DAs we discuss the various repositories, we are going to start from the very bottom and work our way up to the top.CMP ( repository holds commonly used CMake codes that are shared among the various …

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New Orientation Conversion Utility Added to DREAM.3D

Among the new features of DREAM.3D Version 6.2.63 is a new utility that allows the user to quickly perform a conversion of a single orientation representation into 6 alternate representations. The supported representations are:Axis-AngleCubochoricEuler Angles (Bunge Convention)HomochoricOrientation Matrix (3×3)QuaternionRodriguesTo use the utility, simply drag the filter “Orientation Utility” into the pipeline area and start entering …

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DREAM.3D 6.2.63 Released

On behalf of the entire DREAM.3D development team I would like to announce the immediate availability of version 6.2.63. The download can be found at the normal download spot on the dream3d website: issues fixed for this release are:Version 6.2.63 will be the last version to support OS X 10.8. The minimum version of OS …

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DREAM.3D 6.2.0 Released

On behalf of the DREAM.3D Development team we are pleased to release version 6.2.0. The complete list of fixes is below.The downloads are located on the usual download page.User NotesCompleted migration of all internal rotation transformations to those documented in the paper “Tutorial: Consistent Representations of and Conversions Between 3D Rotations”, D. Rowenhorst, A.D. Rollett, …

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DREAM.3D 6.1.77 Released

On behalf of the DREAM.3D Development team we are pleased to release version 6.1.77 which incorporates the fixes for several issues that were found during the 3D Methods Workshop held at Carnegie Mellon University. The complete list of fixes is below.The downloads are located on the usual download page.​ Fixed incorrect calculation of Euclidean distance …

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Compiling the DREAM3D_SDK on OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10)

In order to compile DREAM.3D the developer will need to install all the dependent libraries that are needed by DREAM.3D. In order to help streamline this process the DREAM.3D development team has created some shell scripts and source archives that enable the developer to quickly generate what we call the DREAM3D_SDK or DREAM.3D Software Development …

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Compiling DREAM3D Version 6

The source codes for DREAM3D are currently stored on GitHub at The master branch has the stable release (6.0.0) of DREAM.3D. The user can clone this branch of the repository onto their system. Documentation for compiling DREAM3D can be found in the Documentation/Developer directory. You can also try posting your question to the dream3d-developers …

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DREAM.3D Version 6

It has been a long time and the DREAM3D development team has grown to 4 full time programmers and a few volunteers. The development team has been working hard in order to release a new version of DREAM3D that has more of the requested features and more scalable and modular at the same time. To …

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